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Hexa Puzzle
  • Hexa Puzzle

    5 Star
  • Description

    Hexa Puzzles, a simple yet addictive game is developed for kids & adults. This amazingly engaging puzzle game is easy-to-play & features smooth effects, tons of unique levels, stunning graphics & colourful themes. Hexa Puzzles is all about filling up spaces of varying shapes by adjusting hexagonal blocks. There are four modes in the game such as Easy, Medium, Hard & Expert.

    How to Play?

    • Simply start with an Easy mode
    • In-App Purchases in the game will help the users to unlock rest of the three modes
    • Each mode in the game further includes 60 levels
    • To move to the next level, a user will have to complete a level in the shortest amount time
    • Seamlessly drag the blogs to fit them all in the frame
    • Blocks cannot be rotated to fill up the square
    • There is no time limit to complete the levels
    • Every time you complete a level, you will get a level gift i.e. 1 hint as a reward
    • Game Statistics is Hexa Puzzles involves: Games Completed, Best Time, Average Time & Longest Win Streak
  • Key Features
    Key Features
    • Addictive Gameplay
    • Four Challenging Modes
    • In-App Store to buy hints
    • Colorful Graphics
    • Game Statistics
  • Technology Stack
    Technology Stack
    • Programming language: C#
    • Technology: Unity3D Gaming Engine
    • IDE: Unity Editor, Visual Studio, Xcode, Android Studio
    • Game Effects: Animations, Fading
    • Integrated Firebase for Analytics
    • In-App Purchases for Hints
    • Restore Purchases
  • Screenshot
    • Hexa Puzzle
    • Hexa Puzzle
    • Hexa Puzzle
    • Hexa Puzzle
    • Hexa Puzzle
    • Hexa Puzzle
    • Hexa Puzzle
    • Hexa Puzzle
    • Hexa Puzzle


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