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Cross-Platform App Development

Let us build scalable Cross-Platform apps for you
ChicMic is an efficient Cross-platform mobile app development company, providing cross-platform apps for all the leading mobile operating systems like iOS, android and window phones. We have a team of best-in-class developers who are expert with many different platforms, you don’t have to decide between iOS, Windows, and Android. You can engage in cross-platform app development and make an app that will work on many different kinds of devices. We can customize a cross-platform app development solution that will give the same dynamic experience to your clients or customers, whether they’re using an iPad, Android phone, Kindle, or even a desktop.

Enterprises today have to think over various devices and platforms for any mobile app they want to create. By choosing for cross-platform apps, they will be able to not only achieve greater market penetration but also get other benefits such as lower time to market on all supported platforms. By opting for cross-platform app development services, enterprises can be assured better code maintainability because of a single code base. These applications are commonly written in ‘web languages’ HTML, Javascript and CSS though now platforms started utilizing other famous languages like C# for .NET have also come along. These are then either compose into native code and then expand or they have native wrappers around them for deployment on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

Why Cross-platform Mobile App Development When you need to connect with many different target audiences, it’s clear that this alternative is much more advantageous than dedicating all resources to one mobile app. Cross-platform development is a smart choice for brands that want to be both significant and reckoned with, and those that want to provide compatible application experiences to everyone with a mobile device.

Cross-platform mobile App development services & solution Our team can work with you to find out which platforms would be best suited for your mobile app. Cross-platform development will rely on a few factors, including which devices your clients, customers, or employees most often use. Taking the time to conduct market research will lead to more fruitful results; it’s one of the factors that set us apart as a cross-platform mobile app development company.

After the design and development of your multiple apps, ChicMic also conducts further research and testing to make sure that your launch will run smoothly. We ensure that the user experience is bug-free, consistent, and enjoyable with behaviour-driven testing. With this step, you can ensure that your mobile apps will be launched successfully on every kind of device! We at ChicMic would love to work with your company to offer the best multi-platform app development.

Why choose ChicMic?

  • ChicMic is one of the fastest-growing cross-platform application development company in India. Our team has professional mobile application developers with huge experience in cross-platform application development services
  • We build cross-platform mobile application development on some of the most precise applications on platforms like Phone gap, Ionic, Cordova, Jquery mobile, HTML5, etc.
  • We have a smooth approach in cross-platform app development that begins from the insight of your requirements, designing, coding to the deployment of the fully-featured application, you can also hire hybrid app developers from us, as per your need.

Technology Stack

  • Programming Language: Javascript, Native Code ( Java & Swift/Objective-C).
  • Technologies: React Native, Redux, Expo.
  • IDE: Visual Studio Code, Android Studio & Xcode
  • Design: Material Design
  • OS: iOS 9.1-12.0.1, Android 4.0-9.0
  • Database Engine: Realm
  • Testing & Debugging: React Native Debugger, Simulator



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