Metaverse App Development

ChicMic offers a variety of development services in the Metaverse space be it the Metaverse platform development or the apps/games developed on top of the platform. Our services include the development of smart contracts using Solidity, development of tokens for ethereum blockchain, gaming metaverse development using 3D engines like Unity and Unreal, Infura and Web3 APIs integration in Node.js, crypto wallet (MetaMask) integration with DApp made in React, Angular, Cocos, Unity, etc.

Decentralized Platform Development

We are experts in the end-to-end development of the blockchain backed Metaverse platform which is decentralized and highly secure.

Ethereum Token Development Services

Our Ethereum Token Development Services include development of NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens (ERC-721), Fungible Tokens (ERC-20) and ERC-1155 Tokens for the Ethereum Blockchain.

Metaverse Application Development

We offer Metaverse Application Development services including Web 3.0 based decentralized and highly secure apps.

Metaverse Game Development

Our 10+ years of game development experience makes us the best Metaverse Game Development company specializing in creating blockchain based mesmerizing 3D experiences.

How we work

  • Conceptualization

    Our dedicated team of Analysts and Designers collaborate to envision, refine & elaborate your concept into a Specs document.

  • Idea

    Everything begins with an idea. We understand that your idea is incredible and we bring-in our expertise and experience to explore and validate your idea.

  • Development Cycle

    Our Project Managers work closely with Design, Development & QA teams to ensure timely delivery beyond expectations.

  • Plan & Strategize

    Project decomposition, resource allocation, project schedule and budget are defined and stakeholder communication plan is established.

  • Iterations

    Based on analytics & user feedback, we quickly make changes to scale to the target audience.

  • Launch

    We give full support in app deployment on all platforms, marketing assistance & growth hacking thereafter.

Why Choose ChicMic?

With more than 10 years of experience in the software development services industry, we have helped 1000+ companies in developing apps for their requirements. These companies range startups to Fortune 500 companies. With over 500 games developed, we have carved a niche in the gaming space as well. This unique combination makes us a perfect fit for Metaverse platform development.

  • Ethical
  • Experienced
  • Blockchain
  • Ethical
  • Extensive
  • Quality
  • Effective
  • Ethical

Nemo Land Kingdom

Nemo Land Kingdom is a virtual world platform in the Arab World that allows users to buy, develop, rent, or sell virtual lands for profit. The platform is powered by blockchain, cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and Web 3.0 technologies, and offers users the ability to choose from five different zones, 25 cities, and four million lands. In Nemo Land Kingdom, users can own their characters and in-game items, such as virtual land, through NFTs based on the Ethereum blockchain.


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