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  • 2Crazy2Click

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  • Description

    2Crazy2Click is fun to play game that is developed using the latest technologies. It is designed for the kids to have a crazy experience while playing this amazing ball game. With a variety of balls such as Normal, Bomb, Hidden & Slow the game allow the user to tap on the right ball to move to the next level. To really master this game, one must have a game of his own.

    We, at ChicMic, developed this challenging & addictive game with almost 18+levels to engage the users. One wrong tap on the Bomb ball will end the game. Each ball in the game plays a unique role to make the game fun & addictive. A quick tap on the Slow ball will reduce the speed of the balls to help users not to miss the balls. Lastly, the Hidden balls with low visibility make the game more interesting by increasing the difficulty level.

  • Technology Stack
    Technology Stack Behind 2Crazy2Click
    • Technology: Unity
    • Language: C#
    • Leaderboard for Best Score & Time
    • Native Sharing
    • Google Admob: Banner Ads
    • No In-App Purchases
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    • 2Crazy2Click
    • 2Crazy2Click
    • 2Crazy2Click
    • 2Crazy2Click
    • 2Crazy2Click
    • 2Crazy2Click