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Bubble Shooter
  • Bubble Shooter

  • Description

    Bubble Shooter is an online bubble shooting game that allows the players to form a group of bubbles of same colour & shoot. This incredibly simple to play game is designed to let the user have hours of fun directly in the browser. An all-time classic game is built by a team of skilled developers at ChicMic. The game is popular among the people of all ages because it’s very intuitive & easy to learn. The aim of the game is to destroy all the coloured bubbles from the level, launching a bubble on groups of the same color & score well.

    How to Play Bubble Shooter?

    The game featuring endless levels with different themes begins simply by burning the bubbles of the same color in a row. To clear the level, it’s necessary to connect at least three bubbles & rotate the arrow towards them. The first levels seem to be simple but as the game progresses the difficulty level increases. To bounce balls in advanced angels, use a mouse and hit the left & right border.

  • Technology Stack
    Technology Stack for Bubble Shooter
    • Programming Language: HTML5, Cocos2d-JS, JavaScript
    • Third party libraries: Chartboost
    • Physics engine: Box2D
    • Game Effects: Particle2D, Animations
    • Level Designing: Level Helper
    • Sprite Sheet Generator: SpriteHelper
  • Screenshot
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    • bubble_shooter
    • bubble_shooter
    • bubble_shooter
    • bubble_shooter


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