Find your favorite gamers and celebrities to play with CF11.


How does it work?

Login/Sign Up:

Create your profile so you can book slots with celebrities - you’ll need your Gamertag/PSN to register.

Find a celebrity to play:

You can search by celebrity or game and see what slots are available.

Make a Request:

After you request to play a celebrity, you’ll get an email confirming the request.

How is the game setup?

The celebrity/popular gamer enters his or her available time slots and sets a fee for each slot. Once a gamer requests to play the celebrity in a certain slot, the celebrity will be notified. The celebrity may or may not choose to accept the request. The user will be notified by email once the celebrity accepts or does not accept. Celebrities may receive multiple requests so please be aware that you may not be successful every time.

Technology Stack

  • PHP – Laravel
  • Mysql
  • Jquery


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