Get developed Draft Day Fantasy Football for you. We let you build your own football dynasty online.

Built For iOS| Technology Cocos2D-x, Local SQLite | Industry Games



Draft Day Fantasy Football us an American Football Manager Game developed for a client. To let the players build their own football dynasty, this amazing game is created by our team of Cocos2D-x developers. An ultimate aim of the game is to develop your stadium & increase your fan base. The game involves three things to be taken care of: Who to Sign, Which pick to take & Who to trade. Simply persuade the best talent to join your team. The game is compatible with iPhone, iPad & iPod.

How to play?

  • The first stage is to create your club
  • Give your club and its stadium a name & also tell us your name-The General Manager
  • You need to appoint a coach: check ratings, wage & then reject or select a coach
  • A Caretaker coach remains in charge on a temporary basis
  • Choose the right sponsor for your franchise to represent your brand
  • Set ticket price to benefit your franchise both on & off the field
  • Train four top-rated players
  • Check Draft Player List & Current Squad
  • Choose 5 defensive players & 1 offensive player to strengthen a team as per Coach’s message
  • Select team to trade & create trade offers (Exchange or Buy)
  • Select players for rounds, accept & reject players
  • Go to match & enjoy

Key Features


Technology Stack

  • Gaming Engine: Cocos2D-x (OpenGL)
  • Programming Language: C++
  • Database: SQLite
  • Sprite Sheet Generator: TexturePacker
  • Native Development Kit: Android NDK
  • Leaderboard & Achievements
  • Ad Networks Analytics
  • In-App Purchases