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  • Drive Your Car

  • Description

    Drive your Car is a car-based game designed for racing enthusiasts. This endless game is free to play & available on a web browser. A team of developers at ChicMic have developed an array of apps and Drive your Car is one of the addictive games. From slow to fast-paced styling, the game delivers an ultimate experience.

    The game aims to drive as long as possible avoiding the opposing cars by clicking the arrows & using the jump button. Whether the one is a professional racer or car racing lover, this web game is a perfect choice. A user gets three hearts as lives in the game to make the best score. The moment car collides the user loses one life.

  • Technology Stack
    Technology Stack Behind Drive Your Car
    • Programming Language: HTML5, Cocos2d-JS, JavaScript
    • Third party libraries: Chartboost
    • Physics engine: Box2D
    • Sprite Sheet Generator: SpriteHelper
  • Screenshot
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