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  • Forest Block Puzzle Extreme

    4.5 Star
  • Description

    FOREST BLOCK PUZZLE EXTREME, a wonderful puzzle game is developed for a client to engage users in an amazing puzzle adventure. This simple yet immersive block puzzle game is created to train, refresh & challenge users mind. Designed with a combination of fun grids & block puzzles for all ages & gender, the FOREST BLOCK PUZZLE EXTREME lets the player drag the different blocks to fill up the grid.
    Our goal behind crafting this block puzzle game was to introduce an exciting puzzle game using a professional grade game engine. We as a team of professionals creatively transformed a simple gameplay into an amazing feature-rich game with multiple modes & levels of never-ending fun.

    Challenges We Faced

    The process of bringing life to client’s idea was much trial & error for our team. We developed FOREST BLOCK PUZZLE EXTREME on the Unity Game Engine to make it run smoothly on all devices. We worked closely with the client’s idea to deliver worthwhile experiences. The technical challenges faced and overcame by the development team:

    • Dealing with the various block shapes and their gameplay logics
    • Having to implement a lot of different APIs in the game’s code

    We put together the core mechanism to build a hit puzzle game that users can enjoy with the family & friends.

  • Key Features
    Key Features
    • Exciting 4 Modes: Classic, Time, Bomb, Plus
    • Leader-Board access for overall Global/Local/Friends Ranking
    • Horizontal/Vertical block arrangement to get a high score
    • Special axe feature
    • Block rotation in tricky situations
    • Undo moves for mistake correction
    • Facebook Login to get started & sync
    • Weekly Giveaways
  • Technology Stack
    Technology Stack Used 
    • Developed in Unity
    • Social connectivity through Google and Facebook
    • Facebook Integration
    • In-App Purchases
    • AdMob and AppLovin (ad networks) Monetization and Unity Ads
    • Used Fabric and Flurry Analytic Tools
  • Screenshot
    • Forest
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