Get a website where you can print out the template to draw your imagination.


Key Features

User friendly:

We understand the intent of websites development for your business and we build resilient, thoughtful and user-friendly websites.

Pre-build Image Templates:

With Hungenbach you can easily draw the imagination using pre-build templates. You can print out the template and draw your imagination.

Custom widgets and plugins:

Our team is expert at using new technologies to customize everything from front-end to expert back-end programming that result in a highly dynamic, fully functional and interactive web solution.

Responsive website:

Hungenbach’s responsive web design approach makes web pages render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes.

How it works

Print your Favorite template:
  • Download drawing templates of cars and buildings.
  • Print out the template and draw from your imagination.
  • Let your artwork come alive.
Take a Photo:
  • Use your smart phone to take a photo of your drawing.
  • Requirements for your photos:
  • The full drawing must be in focus incl. the QR-Code
  • Adjust distance so that drawing fills the entire photo
  • Put drawing on a clear surface flat down, front view
  • Register or login to upload
  • Manage your drawings.
  • Watch your drawings move on a canvas.
Technology Stack

Developed in Word Press

Custom plug-in developed for 3-D image Transformation

Database: Mysql

Technology used:- Word Press, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery

Compatible with screens like Mobile device and Desktop



Your ideas are completely safe with us as we sign non-disclosure agreements before we get started.