Get a website for your employees to shop for IT products for work requirement.

  • IT management

  • Description

    As a top-rated AngularJS company, we completely understand the whole stack of JS technologies. Using our core proficiency of development and programming, we build AngularJS mobile and web applications for start-ups, and medium to large businesses. We develop applications with smooth integration of other codes and APIs with AngularJS which attract more customers and boost the company’s goodwill. Client satisfaction is our ultimate motto and we do everything possible to achieve excellence and perfection in each of our Node.js solutions.

    IT Management
    This app works like a shopping app, there is a cart available in the app, whatever IT related products employees need at the workplace. Employees can add that product in their cart and management will get to know about it. There is one option where the employee can compare the current product it others.

  • Key Features
    • Easy to use
    • Online order
    • Use filters for specific requirement
    • Compare current product with new products
  • Technology Stack
    Technology Stack:
    • Angular
    • Mongo Database
    • Node Js
    • Hapi JS
  • Screenshot
    P&G - IT Device Management - 2
    P&G - IT Device Management - 1
    P&G - IT Device Management - 3


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