Litesprite helps patients to manage illness through gaming.


Patient Engagement Via Games

Our games to help patients proactively manage chronic health conditions.

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Litesprite platform is designed to strengthen the patient-provider relationship. We cost-effectively improve health outcomes for a variety of chronic health conditions. Litesprite builds mobile games to help people manage health conditions like stress, anxiety/depression, diabetes or asthma. We combine proven medical treatments with the engagement of mobile games. Our mission is to create experiences that increase individual participation, incorporate support networks, and provide self-help tools so a person can easily and affordably manage their health or that of their loved ones.

We Provide
  • Manage health conditions like stress, anxiety/depression, diabetes or asthma
  • Combines medical treatments with mobile games
  • Affordably manage health
  • Communicate with players
  • Improve health conditions
Technology Stack:
  • Developed in WordPress
  • Custom plugins
  • Database: MySQL
  • Technology Used CSS3, html5
  • Compatibility with any screen and device