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  • Showdown

  • Description

    SHOWDOWN is a ‘this-or-that’ voting web app that allows you to compare any 2 things you have in your mind or what you desire. You can vote on thousands of boards others have created, and create your own for others to vote on. There are no right or wrong answers but you get to know what percentage of people have voted on this or that.

    To add fun to the app, it has a game ‘SHOWDOWN Round’ inside it where you have to guess what the majority of the members voted on. You get 3 strikes and 1 skip per game play. If you do well, you will be featured on the Leaderboard.

    SHOWDOWN is a social networking app that allows users to connect through their Facebook accounts, invite Facebook friends, follow people and get followed.

    How does SHOWDOWN work?

    To kick-start your day, SHOWDOWN brings to you multiple boards by your friends with two or single image to vote for the popular one based on the guesswork. The user needs to vote on 15 boards in the HOME area to earn credit points & participate in the SHOWDOWN Round.
    Credit points can be earned in two ways either by voting on 15 boards or by creating & sharing the first board via Facebook, Message or Email. Moreover, you can manage your profile, discover accounts, follow friends, check friend’s feeds, & get tons of followers to grow a social network. This well-built web app offers a seamless desktop & mobile experience to the user.

    SHOWDOWN Round – Join the fun!

    SHOWDOWN web app features an exciting SHOWDOWN Round where users need to make a smart guess to vote for the highest voted image to get them listed on the leaderboard. To be in the game the user will get 3 chances to vote & have to make a right move to like one of the two images with maximum votes.

  • Key Features
    Key Features
    • Ultimate voting experience to state your opinion
    • Seamless experience for mobile and desktop
    • Easy & quick Facebook Login
    • SHOWDOWN Round: Challenging 3 strikes & 1 skip per gameplay
    • LEADERBOARD: Keep track of users with the highest scores in SHOWDOWN Round
    • Quick comparison of social content
    • Follow your favorites and get followed
    • Instant Board Sharing via Facebook, Email & Messages
  • Technology Stack
    Technology Stack Behind Showdown
    • ‘This or That’ Web Game
    • Developed using Node.js, MongoDB & Angular, HTML5
    • Facebook Login Integration
    • Facebook SDK for Image Social Sharing
    • Seamless Mobile or Desktop game experience
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