Space Twins

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Space Twins

Space Twins

5 Star


Space Twins, a highly challenging game tests your quick response time to beat the challenges & hurdles you come across. To turn an idea of creating a game with an element of bluff & strategies into reality, our developers crafted Space Twins with endless gameplay. To get escaped into space is the ultimate goal of the player in the game. Power Boost in this online progressive game energises the player to beat the challenges whereas Shield saves the user from the obstacles for a specific time period. Checkpoints in the game refuel the spaceships.
To unlock new characters of their choice, the user must have specific points in their account for each character.

List of Avatars Include

How to play Space Twins?

  • Press Left & hold to rotate spaceship
  • Then Press Right & Hold to rotate Rotate
  • your spaceship to collect stars & avoid collisions
  • Press on the same side as the obstacle
  • Press & hold continuously to avoid hitting the incoming obstacles

Exclusive Features

  • Three Modes: Practice, Easy & Hard
  • In-App Purchases
  • Restore Purchases
  • Remove Ads
  • 10 Different Characters
  • Win Freebies

Technology Stack

  • Technology: Unity
  • Language: C#
  • Leaderboard Integration
  • Native Sharing
  • Google Admob: Banner Ads


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