Let’s build an app like task tracker to manage your Projects and team efficiently.

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How it works


With the help of this app you can easily access the assigned task. And you can edit and change the task.

Staff and Equipments:

It will help you to check on which projects your team members are working and what equipments they are using for it.

Task Type:

With this tasktracker app you can easily check the task type and sub task type and can also add the details related with task.


Quick Access to all your tasks

Keep track of monthly tasks that are important to you. Add each task and then throughout the month check off the ones that were completed. Also add specific notes for each task on a monthly basis. The app provides an easy visual method for checking to see how the user is doing with their monthly tasks.

Key Features

Easy to manage

Create projects and tasks, and assign people to them. Estimate how long each task should take and check progress. Use Task Tracker to keep track of the daily tasks that are important to you.

Track daily activity
of your team:

Your Team can Create tasks and to-dos on projects, and categorize projects by client. Then, all they have to do is choose a project/task, write an optional description of what you're doing.

You can see who works
on what:

It shows you on which tasks you spend the most time. It can also show you task created, what your team is working on and where they spend most of their time.

Technology Stack

  • React Js
  • Express
  • MongoDB
  • Android