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  • The Moodster

  • Description

    The Moodsters is the most comprehensive website for Social & Emotional Development of kids. With a convincing idea to develop a website offering a groundbreaking line of toys & books to preschoolers, our client hired our team of developers.

    The ultimate aim of the website is to provide an effective material for the kids to manage stress & emotions. By offering a special range of distinctive color-coded characters, the website helps to understand emotions in a playful manner. The 5 little detectives each with a special importance help raise the intelligence & emotional quotient in kids.

    The social & emotional collection of toys available at the website for building emotional intelligence skills includes:

    • Moodster Mirror & Storybook
    • Moodster Meter & Storybook
    • Feelings Flashlight & Storybook
    • Feelings Notebook & Feelings Crayons
    • Talking Plush & Activity Book
    • Kids Mat: Lolly, Snorf, Coz, Quigly, Razzy

    What Characters Personify?

    To make kids understand everyday experiences in the most beautiful manner, The Moodsters characters symbolize:

    • Coz (Sunshine Yellow)- Happy
    • Razzy (Red)- Angry
    • Quigly (Green)- Afraid
    • Lolly (Pink)- Love
    • Snorf (Blue)- SAD

    What is Special About The Moodsters?

    The Moodsters is highly built responsive website with excellent UX & performance. An exciting variety of games, characters & mazes such as Thanksgiving Activity Sheet, Moodster Meter Coloring Card, Teacher Appreciation, Razzy’s Meditation & more let the kids download & color to recognise their thoughts & behavior. Not only to kids, but The Moodsters is a great source for parents & teachers to provide tips & strategies to build their kid’s EQ. This highly amazing website for kids entertain, educate and enhance their ability to cope with the mysteries of feelings.

  • Key Features
    Exclusive Features
    • Learn About Feelings
    • Five Little Detectives: Coz, Lolly, Snorf, Razzy, Quigly
    • Available at Amazon, Target, Walmart, JCPenney, Bed Bath & Beyond, AAFES
    • Downloadable Tips, Strategies, Games, Characters & Mazes
    • Social & Emotional Toys for Children
  • Technology Stack
    Technology Stack Behind The Moodsters
    • Developed in WordPress 4.7.2
    • Technology used CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap jQuery as front-end
    • Compatibility with Any Screen & Device
    • MySQL database used for dynamic web pages
    • WooCommerce Plugin
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