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    Tibber is an app that replaces your energy company while making your home smarter. The app brings your home cheap green energy, this is both economical and environmentally friendly as its smarter to have control over your home’s consumption throughout the day directly from your phone. Besides being smart, to be able to get hold of your home’s consumption, it’s even smarter when you save money by consuming less energy. Tibber supports a wide range of smart devices together with our tech to further reduce your consumption. It’s often so effective that the technology pays for itself.

  • Key Features
    • A smarter way to control your home energy
    • Control home’s consumption throughout the day directly from your phone
    • Artificial intelligence for little energy consumption
    • Save money by consuming less energy
    • Make your home smarter and lower your electricity costs
    • Supports a wide range of smart devices to reduce your consumption
    • Green energy produced by the sun, wind, and water
    • Sell solar electricity
    • Smart car charging
    • Realtime consumption
  • Technology Stack
    Technology Stack:
    • To develop an app on Android Java with Android SDK is used
    • Facebook login
    • Firebase Analytics
    • Custom Graph SDK for realtime data
    • Apollo GraphQL SDK
    • RXJava & Retrofit
    • Data Binding with MVVM
    • App widgets
    • Dynamic UI

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