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  • TRXpay

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  • Description

    Working closely with our client, the developers beautifully crafted TRXpay to streamline & fasten the payment processing. To add value to the transaction system, TRXpay is designed featuring a secure payment gateway, mobile & online ordering, stored value cards, rewards, loyalty program & more. TRXpay, a mobile for the Merchants & Consumers delivers value-added solutions to help get an easy access to the Most Used features such as Credit Card/Sale & Gift Card/Redeem.

    Robust Payment Solution For

    • Merchants
    • Corporate Campus
    • Contract Food Service
    • College & University
    • Hospitality & Lodging

    How TRXPay Works?

    TRX Payment App lets the user experience a new look with high-quality UI interface. To save time & efforts, the app is developed in a way to bring everything at your convenience. Divided into two screens, the services like Logs, tip Wizard, Clerk Management, Help & Settings are listed on the second screen in the app.

    The app involves plenty of theme packs, easy to set color scheme & icons. In addition, the new profile engine in the app is designed to provide innovative new features to the merchants. Moreover, a Callback feature allows the integrators to post the order status to the Webhook address to update the POS system. For a convenient merchant experience with Slingshot, the app comes with the latest feature i.e. Push Notifications. A simple push notification wakes the device automatically, taking the clerk to the “process” option by entering the ID in the TRXpay app.

    List of devices supported by TRXPay

    The new devices integrated prepare the TRXpay app for EMV to deliver a seamless experience.

    • BBPos Wisepad 2
    • BBPos Chipper 2X
    • BBPos Chipper 2X BT
    • Ingenico iCMP BT
    • Ingenico iPP320 USB
    • MagTek eDynamo
    • MagTek uDynamo
    • MagTek iDynamo
    • IDTech Shuttle
    • IDTech Unipay III
    • PAX D180
    • Blue Bamboo P25 Thermal Printer
  • Key Features
    Exclusive Features
    • Modern User Interface
    • Payment Types: Credit Card, Cash, SlingShot, Loyalty, Gift & Campus Card
    • Available on iOS, Amazon & Google Play Store
    • New Device Integrations
    • Secure Mobile Payments
    • Branding Customization options
    • New Profile Engine
    • Callbacks for Real-Time Payment Updates
  • Technology Stack
    Technology Stack Used In TRXpay
    • Developed for iOS
    • Fiori Analytics added for Uses tracking
    • Crashlytics for Real-Time Crash Reporting & Alerts
    • Payment devices integrated
    • Local Database
    • Company Banner
    • IDE: Xcode
    • Programming Language: Objective-C
    • Local Database Language: SQLite
  • Screenshot
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