Manage your lifestyle and dating business relationships with our innovative app.

  • Update MYL

  • Description

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    Update MYL APP:
    Update MYL (Manage Your Lifestyle) is an app to manage your dating business relationships with our innovative prospect management app that empowers users with tools to create, update, manage, and analyze relationships. Manage Your Lifestyle expands on the functionality available within more traditional contact management apps by allowing users to honestly record a range of important information that is often ignored or even taboo but often vital in having effective relationships.
    Using MYL you can store photographs, contact details and general information, can Track every encounter and record notes of progress, keep a record of romantic milestones and events; including when you exchange number, a first, spend a night together and more. You can easily evaluate the monetary costs of dating and also can Identify dates with the most potential, and those nearing a dead-end.

  • Key Features
    • Create a Profile for your dating or business prospects
    • Schedule dates, meetings, and appointments
    • Keep track of events and experience (i.e. Swapped numbers, conversation, etc.)
    • Apply and update with custom colored tags for at-a-glance navigation
    • Import prospects in seconds from your iPhone’s contact app
    • Fully featured a calendar
    • Activity gradient bar
    • Prospect sharing
  • Technology Stack
    Technology Stack:
    • Xcode
    • Objective-C
    • Google Ads
    • Core Data
    • In-App Purchase
    • Dropbox, Google Drive, One-drive Backup
    • Local Notification
  • Screenshot
    • Update Mylife
    • Update Mylife
    • Update Mylife
    • Update Mylife


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