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  • WitchLand-Magic Bubble Shooter

    4 Star
  • Description

    WitchLand- Magic Bubble Shooter is a unique game with innovative gameplay elements and powerful graphics. Our client approached us to create concept art, 2D models & animations for characters, levels, objects & environment of the game. The advanced gaming engine & graphics system breathe life into the WitchLand- Magic Bubble Shooter & enhanced the game’s aesthetic & visual style. This fully-featured game immerses you for hours with an appealing environment, sounds, music & art.

    What Makes WitchLand- Magic Bubble Shooter Special?

    A free puzzle game, the enchanting world of WitchLand is full of exciting magical bubble shooting adventure. The challenge is to master WitchLand which involves 200 tricky levels to explore & a stock of game items that user will have to make in-game purchases to fully experience. The gameplay revolves around releasing the little elf, cute creatures & saving magical fairy from Kenna the evil princess, simply by solving the balls puzzle with the help of magic owls. The ultimate aim of an addictive magic witch saga game is to eliminate all the bubbles around the elves to save their soul. WitchLand gaming levels have progressively increasing difficulty to make the game more challenging & fun to play.

    How to Play?
    • Get started with the level one, collect stars to pass the levels
    • Each level involves, aiming the target & moving the magic witch with the finger to shoot the bubbles
    • Match 3 or more bubbles to pop with magical precision
    • Popping maximum bubbles will help a user get high scores
  • Key Features
    Key Features
    • 200 Fun-filled Levels
    • Daily & Hourly Bonus
    • Stunning & Quality Graphics
    • Special Bubble Power Ups & Boosters
    • In-App Purchases: Coins, Lives
    • Magic Book to make the spell
    • Promotional Gift Package Deal
    • Time-Based Levels
    • Compatibility: Android/ iOS Smartphones &Tablets
  • Technology Stack
    Technology Stack Behind WitchLand
    • Technology used: Cocos2d-x
    • Programming Language: C++, Objective – C, Android
    • Physics implementation for matching real Ball Behaviour
    • Integrated with Chartboost, Google ads and Unity Ads (Admob)
    • IDE: XCode, Eclipse
    • Interstitial and video reward ads integration
    • In-App Purchases
    • OS: Android 5.0 or above, iOS 9 or above
    • Firebase Analytics Integrated
  • Screenshot
    • witchland
    • witchland
    • witchland
    • witchland
    • witchland
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    • witchland


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