Wondering how to transform event experiences from physical to virtual?

Built For Android | Technology: Android SDK, Java | Industry: Business


An idea to create an instant networking platform for businesses came from one of our clients from the US. He shared his views on building a virtual business card to streamline instant discovery, engagement & networking. With a motive to retain social connections WizCard was developed for digital transformation of event economics.

A team at ChicMic decided to take up the challenge to make it happen & a few months of hard-work ends up with a development of lead generation platform for Trade shows, Exhibitions, Conferences, Seminars & Business Events.

With WizCard say goodbye to paper business cards and enjoy a paperless exchange for an immersive digital persona. ChicMic brings to you an environmental-friendly solution right on your phone with an ease to digitalise your business card anytime anywhere. It creates an impressive virtual companion to your event.


Get the Most Out of WizCard

  • Scan, Store & Share Business Cards
  • Activity Feeds & Polls
  • Instant Push Notifications
  • Discover, Engage & Connect Based on Locations
  • Preserve & Auto-Update Contacts via In-App Cloud-Synced Digital Rolodex
  • Instant Networking Platform for Businesses, People & Products
  • Create, Manage, Analyze & Monetize all aspects
  • Expedient, Intuitive & Full Fledged Content Management System

Start your project with ChicMic

WizCard gives you a location-based access to the network to amplify your visibility virtually. Look out for the people nearby within events, share events with friends, like events & join. From delighting your stakeholders to monetizing value, WizCard allows unleashing the power of virtual.

Technology Stack Used In Wizcard

  • Developed in Android Studio
  • FCM integration for Push Notification
  • Image Sharing for Scanning Card
  • LinkedIn Social Login Integration
  • JSON Based REST API Integration
  • OTP Verification
  • Real-Time chatting using Socket Programming
  • Material designs for better UI experience


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