Wondering how to transform event experiences from physical to virtual?

Built For Android | Technology: Android Studio | Industry: Business

  • Wizcard

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  • Description

    An idea to create an instant networking platform for businesses came from one of our clients from the US. He shared his views on building a virtual business card to streamline instant discovery, engagement & networking. With a motive to retain social connections WizCard was developed for digital transformation of event economics.

    A team at ChicMic decided to take up the challenge to make it happen & a few months of hard-work ends up with a development of lead generation platform for Trade shows, Exhibitions, Conferences, Seminars & Business Events.

    With WizCard say goodbye to paper business cards and enjoy a paperless exchange for an immersive digital persona. ChicMic brings to you an environmental-friendly solution right on your phone with an ease to digitalise your business card anytime anywhere. It creates an impressive virtual companion to your event.


  • Key Features
    Get the Most Out of WizCard
    • Scan, Store & Share Business Cards
    • Activity Feeds & Polls
    • Instant Push Notifications
    • Discover, Engage & Connect Based on Locations
    • Preserve & Auto-Update Contacts via In-App Cloud-Synced Digital Rolodex
    • Instant Networking Platform for Businesses, People & Products
    • Create, Manage, Analyze & Monetize all aspects
    • Expedient, Intuitive & Full Fledged Content Management System


    WizCard gives you a location-based access to the network to amplify your visibility virtually. Look out for the people nearby within events, share events with friends, like events & join. From delighting your stakeholders to monetizing value, WizCard allows unleashing the power of virtual.

    • WizCard- Immersive Event App
    • WizEvent- Event CMS Platform
    • WizMonetics- Analytics Platform
  • Technology Stack
    Technology Stack Used In Wizcard
    • Developed in Android Studio
    • FCM integration for Push Notification
    • Image Sharing for Scanning Card
    • LinkedIn Social Login Integration
    • JSON Based REST API Integration
    • OTP Verification
    • Real-Time chatting using Socket Programming
    • Material designs for better UI experience
  • Screenshot
    • Wizcard
    • Wizcard
    • Wizcard
    • Wizcard


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